The Lowest Unique Bid Wins!

The lowest unique bid is the successful bid
In our lowest unique bid auction, you have the opportunity to purchase products at ultra-low prices. The winner who has placed the closest bid to 1 fen and that no one else has placed (unique bid) in the limiting time or bids can purchase the product at the lowest unique bid price.
1 fen(0.01 yuan) is the smallest units of bids.
Details see figure below:

Each bid needs consume DianBao
You need to register and have a certain number of DianBao, after you placing a bid, we will send the bid status information by the "information service". You can get the DianBao for free or buy it directly.
In the lowest unique bid auction, each bid consumes DianBao will vary with the time base on the justice. It is shown as below:
Consumption Factor 
The limit bid auction
Some auctions marked like "bid limit: 99 / N / N" at the end of the countdown mean that limit the number of each user bid / bids of the remaining number of auction / bids in the auction total number of constraints in turn.
Super PK model auction
Super PK mode (top right with "PK" word auction) is a new auction model which be required to apply for participation. When you apply it, you will pay the regulation DianBao in advance. You can complete the auction just with those pre-paid DianBao when the seats are full. If the participators are not full, then the auction will be canceled, and those pre-paid DianBao will be return to each participators account. Thelowest unique bid rules apply to this model.
Auction for free
Some auctions marked "Free auction" in front of the products name mean that all consumptive DianBao will be return to each participators account at once when the auction ended but the winner. The winner can’t confirm until the auction is end after 24 hours, and then his consumptive DianBao will be return.
How to do if i can't win the auction
If the aution which after the market price of pruduct marked "buy related" ends, you can buy it with the money which you bid consumed. If the money is not enough, you will recharge the remainder money to you account, and then complete the purchase.

Websites for reference:  http://www.diandianba.com


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